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Dance Themes

You can choose any if the ideas below. Alternatively if there is a song that means a lot to you and your friends that you so would prefer to use, Anna is more than happy to discuss this with you and choreograph a special dance to your song choice.

CharlestonWith the release of The Great Gatsby in May, the Charleston is sure to become a very popular choice this year. Learn to swivel those feet, kick those legs and party like it’s the good old days of the ‘20s! Re-live the glamour and the glitz later, as you hit the dance floor!


80s DanceCalling all material girls!! It’s time to dig out the leg-warmers, don your best neon, pop on a florescent head-band and start shuffling! Learn some classic dance moves straight out of the 80’s in this fun and fabulous choice.



SalsaFeel the heat, you Latin lovers! Let your hips do the talking (and the hips don’t lie!). Your feet will do things you never thought possible as you learn some basic salsa moves and put them into a sharp and funky routine, which will transport you and your guests to the streets of Rio!



Rock 'n' RollAre you born to be wild? Round up your rock-chicks and learn to jive! Learn to move your feet, flick your legs and shake your hands; jive was the ultimate rebellion in the days of Rock N Roll! And those about to Rock(N Roll); We salute you!! You won’t believe how much fun you can have!


Street DanceFeeling edgy? We’ll get you hip hopping along to a routine with some classic street dance and hip hop moves. Then later, you can re-live the experience as you take the clubs by storm! Wow the other guests at your wedding too, as the hip-hop bride and her hens get Street!



Can CanBring a little of the Moulin Rouge to your special weekend! The Can Can is a classic hen party choice! Kick those legs as high as they’ll go, swish that Can Can skirt and laugh as you learn while you work out your individual Can Can dancer ‘trick’! Ooh-la-la!