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Anna introduced a lovely uniform for those who attend Toddle Stage Two, Three and Four classes in September 2015 and is excited to announce you can now you can order your uniform and shoes direct from ‘My Dance Store’.

Why have a uniform?

Dance in its very nature is a disciplined art and for ballet in particular, there is etiquette and technique that cannot be wavered from. Toddle aims to be a relaxed and fun introduction into the world of dance for child and parent alike, which is why all of our classes are fun, light hearted and age appropriate. Slowly introducing the concept of uniform however, is a gentle way of channelling the discipline of ballet as well as providing our little dancers with a sense of being part of something special. Although Toddle’s ethos isn’t built around simply preparing people to take exams, we have chosen an official uniform that can be used, should interest in such events arise. Toddle Stage One is very much come as you are.

How do I view and purchase uniform?

You can view the uniform and buy it directly from the Anna Ludford Dance ‘My Dance Store’ simply by clicking the link below.