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Toddle Stage OneToddle Stage One is a toddler dance class for children aged 18 months to around 30 months. Their parent or guardian, be it Mum, Dad, Granny or Grandpa, join in with all of the movement to provide tangible support and encouragement. Toddle classes have a lovely relaxed and welcoming atmosphere meaning children and grown-ups alike both have fun.

We understand that life with a toddler means that getting to a class every week is not always possible, so you are not required to sign up to a whole term of classes. This does mean however that class numbers vary from week to week and can be super busy.

Do I need to book or register?

You don’t have to book into a Toddle Stage One class, but it’s always handy to know if you’re intending to come for the first time, so please do drop Anna an email, text or give her a call and have a chat. We ask all our Toddle parents to fill in a registration form on-line, just so we have some basic details and to show you’ve understood the terms and conditions.What does my child need to wear

Your child can wear anything you fancy, so long as they are dressed and comfortable.

What do I wear for Toddle?

You can wear anything you like however it is worth noting that each session will include some exercises sat on the floor so it is advisable that you wear something comfortable and that you are able to freely move in.